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WDS on SBS to deploy workstations?

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  • WDS on SBS to deploy workstations?


    I have installed the WDS role on my SBS 2008 and uploaded appropriate images (boot.wim and install.wim) to allow me to quickly deploy Windows 7 client workstations.

    I've noticed after the PXE boot, the Windows 7 installs as expected, but the resulting workstation seems to be ALREADY JOINED TO MY DOMAIN !!!

    I am aware of the various scripts that SBS runs behind the scenes when joinging a workstation to the domain using the http://connect . I am aware that it is best practices not to join workstations to the domain in any other way. However, when I use WDS to install workstations the way I've described the OS comes already joined : - (

    Is anyone using WDS successfully with SBS 2008 ? Is it a problem that the workstations deployed are created already joined to the domain ?

    Thanks for any guidance on this.

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    Re: WDS on SBS to deploy workstations?

    I've seen this before, WDS in Server 2008 and higher seems to have a "default" Unattended install file that joins workstations to the domain. Can't find a link to it at the moment, but you should be able to get around it by creating your own Unattended install files that explicitly specify workgroup membership.

    I don't think it's a major issue though, all of the GPOs etc will still apply and you can run through the same procedure that is ised during migration from SBS2003 to make all of the Workstations appear in the SBS console. I don't have huge experience of SBS 2008 yet (Did my first migration last week) so I'm sure one of the SBS gurus can shed some more light on possible issues.
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