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SBS Performance Issue

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  • SBS Performance Issue

    Hi Guys,

    We had a 2008 SBS server installed bout 8 months ago, it has never been fine. runs like dog shit compared to our old SBS2003 unit.

    We have 15 users. we dont use the SQL portion other than for backup exec.

    the server is a Dell 2950 with 2x 10k sas disks for the OS and a raid 50 set for data.

    the processors are 2x quad core 2.5ghz and 16gb ram.

    I really cant understand why it responds soo slow, the server is very high spec. for the number of users compared to our 2003 box which just had a raid5 array and 4gb ram. Running things like AD Users and Services app takes an age to load.

    Does anyone have any pointers.
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    Re: SBS Performance Issue

    Run performance counters to find out where the problem is.

    That would be my pointer.

    And just because I don't want a whole additional post telling you how to setup performance monitoring, here's some links.
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      Re: SBS Performance Issue


      Should have said i had already done this and cant find anything untoward.