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companyweb migration issue (SBS 2003 -> SBS 2008)

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  • companyweb migration issue (SBS 2003 -> SBS 2008)

    I'm trying to migrate from a SBS 2003 to SBS 2008.

    I am following this Mircrosoft document :

    Everything has gone smoothly up to the importing of OldCompanyWeb into the existing companyweb.

    Prescan completes with no errors.

    stsadm -o export -url http://OldCompanyWeb -filename cweb.bak -includeusersecurity completes with no errors

    [6/14/2010 12:09:49 PM]: Progress: Export Completed.
    [6/14/2010 12:09:49 PM]: Finish Time: 6/14/2010 12:09:49 PM.
    [6/14/2010 12:09:49 PM]: Completed with 0 warnings.
    [6/14/2010 12:09:49 PM]: Completed with 0 errors.

    Though I do notice the following in the log file :

    [6/14/2010 12:09:10 PM]: Debug: Security check failed in OnListItemExport

    The actual site http://OldCompanyWeb looks and runs just fine

    When issuing the stsadm -o import -url http://companyweb -filename cweb.bak -includeusersecurity I get the following errors

    Multiple instances of :
    [6/14/2010 1:30:09 PM]: Debug: Security check failed in OnUserGroupExport
    [6/14/2010 1:30:10 PM]: Warning: The specified user could not be found.
    *** Inner exception:
    User cannot be found.
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUserCollection.FindUserSID( String strSearchText)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUserCollection.GetBySID(Str ing strSid)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUserCollection.GetBySID(Byt e[] byteSid)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SecurityObjectSeri alizer.ResolveUser(ImportStreamingContext context, SPWeb web, Byte[] sid, Int32& idUser)
    [6/14/2010 1:30:10 PM]: Debug: Security check failed in OnUserGroupExport
    [6/14/2010 1:30:10 PM]: Warning: The specified user could not be found.
    *** Inner exception:

    and at the end

    [6/14/2010 1:34:50 PM]: Progress: Importing Role Assignment for _catalogs/users.
    [6/14/2010 1:34:51 PM]: FatalError: Access is denied. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED))
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPGlobal.HandleUnauthorizedAc cessException(UnauthorizedAccessException ex)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Library.SPRequest.ResetSecuri tyScope(String bstrUrl, UInt32 dwObjectType, String bstrObjUrl, Guid guidDoc, Boolean bUnique, Boolean bCopyRoleAssignments, Guid& pguidScopeId, Int32& piError)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.RoleAssignmentsImp ort.ProcessComplexElement(ImportStreamingContext context, XmlReader xr, SqlSession session)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SqlBatchImport.Run ()
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SecurityObjectSeri alizer.SetObjectData(Object obj, SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context, ISurrogateSelector selector)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.XmlFormatter.Parse ObjectDirect(Object objParent, Type objectType)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.XmlFormatter.Deser ializeObject(Type objectType, Boolean isChildObject, DeploymentObject envelope)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.XmlFormatter.Deser ialize(Stream serializationStream)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ObjectSerializer.D eserialize(Stream serializationStream)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ImportObjectManage r.ProcessObject(XmlReader xmlReader)
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPImport.Deseriali zeObjects()
    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPImport.Run()
    [6/14/2010 1:34:51 PM]: Progress: Import Completed.
    [6/14/2010 1:34:51 PM]: Finish Time: 6/14/2010 1:34:51 PM.
    [6/14/2010 1:34:51 PM]: Completed with 18 warnings.
    [6/14/2010 1:34:51 PM]: Completed with 1 errors.

    Looking at http://companyweb it looks pretty similar but there are quite a few problems. The employee holiday calendar has multiple instances of the same event, as do some of the other lists.

    I suspect this may be because I have attempted to import the same data more than once.

    How can I

    a) troubleshoot these error messages and remove all the duplicate instances or
    b) just completey overwrite the existing companyweb with OldCompanyWeb

    Many thanks

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    Re: companyweb migration issue (SBS 2003 -> SBS 200

    Problem was I was using a newly created account rather than a pre existing account.

    Logged on as another user - import issues went away.

    Now to dedupe the db


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      Re: companyweb migration issue (SBS 2003 -> SBS 200

      Thanks for posting back with the solution.
      I almost always give reputation points creadit for anyone who does so!

      Steven Teiger [SBS-MVP(2003-2009)]
      Iím honoured to have been selected for the SMB 150 list for 2013. This is the third time in succession (no logo available for 2011) that I have been honoured with this award.

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