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Migrating SBS2003 to 2008R2+Exch2007

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  • Migrating SBS2003 to 2008R2+Exch2007


    I'm testing a migration from SBS 2003 standard (32bit) to a server 2008 R2 standard with Exchange 2007 sp1 box ( no sbs2008 ).
    The goal is removing the sbs2003 box.

    I'm taking as template the how-to from:

    I've created a small vmware enviroment for testing it.

    VMTeam 1: DC01 ( sbs 2003 )
    FW01 (vyatta router )

    VMTeam 2: DC02 ( 2008r2)
    FW02 (vyatta router )

    The two teams are inter-connected via a simple gre tunnel.

    Reading around the net i think that those are the needed steps.

    1. adding the dc02 as member server of domain
    2. migrate fsmo roles and schema master from d01 to dc02
    3. install exc07 to dc02
    4. move users mailboxes from dc01 to dc02
    5. move public folders from dc01 to dc02
    6. move file server svc\folders from dc01 to dc02
    7. demote sbs2003 ( i need the transition pack for demote the old sbs2003 box ? )
    8. use the old sbs2008 hardware as a new server.

    I've created a simple "domain.local" on my sbs, creaed a couple of users and filled their mboxes with some files\email.

    Then i've created two AD sites, renaming the defult one and adding a second one:

    I've raised the funct. level of the domain to 2003 native and ran the adprep32.exe /forestprep /domainprep /gpprep on my sbs2003 box from the 2008r2 dvd.

    Then i've promoted the second domain controller as member server of the existing domain ( i've cancelled the read only domain option ... i'm gonna read some MS book for that function ) and added the second domain controller in my AD.

    i've checked and the AD replicates correctly, if i create a user \ gpo on dc01...after the replica time it happears on dc02.

    As exchange 2007 ask's i've installed IIS on Dc02.

    Then i'ive moved the Schema master role on Dc02

    Launching the exc07 setup it gave me errors about the exchange native mode...raised to exchange 2003 native and restarted the information store svc as described on ms kb.

    Re-launching the setup it report an error stating that the setup cannot advance about some error on site, it says to prepare the AD in the site01 and then wait for the replica.

    i've tried to do the " /prepareAD" on dc01 but the arch. of the tool is different from the dc01 Os (64bit vs 32bit) i'm downloading the 32bit eval. dvd of exc07 and use that version of for preparing the AD on dc01...and then wait that it replicates on the other DC.

    After the AD preparation i should perform correctly the exc07 setup...and then i can move the user mailbox and public folders.

    For the file server section i'm gonna recreate the shares and modify the login script with the new unc path.

    another question is about the demote of the sbs2003 box...reading around it seems that i cannot demote the sbs2003, but after i purchase\install the transition pack i can demote the sbs server and use only the remote site dc as domain controller\schema master.

    I'm missing something?

    Thanks in advance and sorry about my english.

    Last edited by tano; 7th June 2010, 20:48.