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Outlook Anywhere: confusing login credentials

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  • Outlook Anywhere: confusing login credentials

    I've got Outlook Anywhere setup for off sight clients for both Office 2003 and 2007. Setup was the most obvious thing, but it works.

    Now after a client pc restart the user is asked for credentials each time. This is not a problem although it's a bit odd. The concern is although the username needs a convoluted longer local domain name put in front of the username is is not fun to support for less then "sharp" staff. The local domain is not saved in the drop down of the username options and the local domain is spelled out in the top of the login box, so the system already knows it's there...why is it not freaking using it!?!?!?

    See screenshot...

    so when the login box comes up it just has the username even knowing above it it has the local domain info. Then my less then "sharp" users are required to type server.domain.local\name and it's NEVER remembered in the drop down for them to use again!?!?! There has to be an easier way for SBS users!
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    Re: Outlook Anywhere: confusing login credentials

    Ok the first thing is that you shouldn't have to type the full domain name.
    "computername.domain.local" instead type domain\username only. So if your domain name is xyz, dont type\username. Try using xyz\username.

    Now one thing you can try from the workstation is go to control panel\user accounts\manage user accounts\advanced tab\then click on manage passwords. Type in the web address for OWA and put in the username and password for it and save it. You can put in xyz\username. Now everytime they go to that site it should fill in the username for you.

    I'm not sure who turned it off but somewhere along the line the workstation will ask if you want it to save the credentials when you log in to certain sites or shares and someone must have said no so It doesn't do it anymore.


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      Re: Outlook Anywhere: confusing login credentials

      Thanks for the input, we did figure out the domain name worked instead of the local name...but I was still hoping they could just enter their name! I guess this is a step in the right direction. It just seems odd when the system acknowledges at the login prompt that it's trying to connect to server.domain.local!

      As far as your comment on the client PC...when you say "who turned off" are you speaks of a user or Microsoft? As a fresh install of XP SP3 or Win 7 Ultima has the same concern from a default install. The login screen always defaults to the user w/o the mention of the domain name...they must select it from the drop down issues each time.

      It just seems after 20 years of domain login they would have this easier for users and the admins who have to manage those users and their limtied skills!