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Unable to create distribution group

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  • Unable to create distribution group

    Hi all

    Just in the process of moving my client from godforsaken POP email to Exchange.

    One of their current email addresses is "[email protected]".

    I want to create a distribution group with this email, except the Admin user is called... "admin". This account had the default email of [email protected] so I changed it to [email protected], thinking it would solve the issue.

    But the Distribution Group still fails with the error "Unable to create email for Distribution Group".

    I only did this about 15 mins ago, is there some kind of replication time?

    Or have I missed something here?

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    Re: Unable to create distribution group


    Thought I would try adding the email "[email protected]" to a general user to see if it gave me a better error message.

    It says the email is already in use by a distribution group called "admin".


    SBS Console, not there. MS Exchange Console, is there.

    Its not a major problem if its just not showing in the SBS Console. So I'm off to google to try figure out how to add members and check the group is set up properly.


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      Re: Unable to create distribution group

      Well, it looks all complete with "Get-DistributionGroup" so...

      case closed I guess?