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Migrating SBS2003 to Windows Std. 2003

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  • Migrating SBS2003 to Windows Std. 2003

    Hello all
    does anyone upgraded SBS 2003 to 2003 Std. Edition. Is it possible if yes Please guide me.


    we we have aditional DC running on windows 2003 Std. if the first DC is on windows 2003 SBS.

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    Re: Migrating SBS2003 to Windows Std. 2003

    Yes I've done it this way.

    Copy all user files onto the new Server2003 computer.

    Backup your SBS2003 computer. Check the backup worked.

    Run DCPromo to promote the new Server 2003 computer as a new DC in an existing domain and AD will replicate from SBS2003 to Server2003

    After AD has replicated, transfer the FSMO roles from SBS2003 to Server2003. There is an article on the Petri site about how to do this here:

    Create and configure a DHCP server if your old SBS2003 was doing DHCP, ensuring DHCP is configured with the new Server 2003 computer as the DNS server rather than the old SBS2003 computer.

    Finally, unplug and throw away your old SBS2003 computer. Or at least: Never reconnect it to the LAN. Ever.

    I recommend that in any Active Directory environment, you have two domain controllers, the second DC also being a second DNS server therefore DHCP can give clients two DNS IP addresses in case one fails. Also configure forwarders on the (two) new DNS server(s).

    I also recommend you take a look at Server2008, I have upgraded from SBS2003 to Server2008 using the above steps as well and it worked very well.

    I hope that gives you an outline of the fundamental steps required, it wasn't too hard when I did it as long as other people don't look over your shoulder asking "When will it be ready" every 5 minutes!! If you need more detail on any step, please feel free to ask.
    Best wishes,
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      Re: Migrating SBS2003 to Windows Std. 2003

      I am going to perform up gradation as per your instructions but.... not on live environment. i will do this on virtual environment first. For that I have downloaded VM ware's VMware-converter-4.0.1-161434.exe which is free tool from vmware to convert a live server into virtual server. Thanks for help if i need further assistance i will defiantly revert to you and i am sure you wonít mind.


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        Re: Migrating SBS2003 to Windows Std. 2003

        There are steps missing above: like removing the "old" server permanently from the network and file replication; like removing Exchange from AD
        But most seriously, you are missing the work you are creating by replacing \\Server with \\Server1 (different names). All the shares will have to be recreated on the workstations and profiles and printers will need to be worked on.
        Better to use the (aka Swing) method to replace \\Server with \\Server (Virtually too!)

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          Re: Migrating SBS2003 to Windows Std. 2003

          Ompal: I think you knew that it was an overview rather than a step-by-step guide, that was pretty clear. Given the brevity of the original post, I'd appreciate a bit more detail on your setup such as whether printers are shared out from the server (or maybe workstations print to the printer's own IP address?). Anyway, It included all the major steps which I felt you needed help on.

          Really, it was quite easy when I did it as per the steps above and the client, now a few weeks down the line with very little post-migration-fine-tuning from me, remains happy. As I said before, if you need help on more detail, do feel free to ask, remapping drives etc. can be quite easy, nothing that needs serious work on the workstations, since GPO are your friends in this area, and I'm happy to help further. You may like to give a bit more detail on your setup so that I can help with whatever detail you are concerned about. You can buy Swing if you like, that's a fair recommendation from Teiger, check the cost as there are various pricing plans, or you can do it "by hand".
          Best wishes,
          MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008