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Re-joining computers to a SBS 2003 domain.

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  • Re-joining computers to a SBS 2003 domain.


    We've recently installed a Windows SBS 2003 server and set everything up with no problems. We created the domain and joined every client using the ConnectComputer Wizard that ships with SBS.

    Everything was fine until a few weeks ago, when we had a burglary in the office and the server was stolen (the setup wasn't even complete, so that means no backup).

    I had to reinstall (obviously) everything and recreate the domain. All the clients where still configured, but they cannot access other clients in the domain.

    Someone told me that I had to "re join'' client computers to the domain, so I did. I used the Windows Wizard (as ConnectComputer refused to work, saying that the computer was already configured).

    The problem is, that the Windows Wizard created a new user profile, so I had to manually re-create the previous profile (moving desktop icons, favorites and so on) from the old one to the new one.

    My questions are:

    Is there any other way I can solve this problem, without reconfiguring every client again? Maybe some hidden setting that I have to simply check on the server?

    How can I backup user profles in Windows 2000? Windows XP ships with a built-in tool for this job, but 2k doesn't.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    Re: Re-joining computers to a SBS 2003 domain.

    Of course the computers and users are new to the server when you reinstall. The fact that you see the computer called "Station1" and the user as "DannyP" doesn't mean that the server sees them that way. In fact they have a SID which is unique for every installation.
    To connect to the existing profiles there are a number of methods, one of which is the manual mathod you describe
    Other ways are described here:
    about half way through the newsletter.
    Thanks, HarryB

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      Re: Re-joining computers to a SBS 2003 domain.

      Thanks, I'll try some of those methods.