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External USB Hard Disk backups and SBS2003

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  • External USB Hard Disk backups and SBS2003

    Hi there,

    I have been administering an old SBS2003 server running on a Xeon. Recently the internal Jaz drives failed, so I bought a cheap PCI USB2 card and have plugged in a 1TB WB external HD fpr backup to disk purposes...

    Now I seem to be having problems getting a decent backup. My BackupExec job gets about 95% through and then I get 'failed backup' and an error relating to a possible hardware issue relating to the disc. The error message suggests doing a 'full format' on the disk disconnecting and trying again...

    ANYWAY I did that on friday and kicked off an NT Backup Job, and it looks like it's affected the server. I can't RDP so the server is still up but certain services may have been affected.

    Does installing a USB card normally cause these type of issues, and what suggestions could you make regarding a decent backup medium?

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    Re: External USB Hard Disk backups and SBS2003

    Personally had no issues with USB backups, but it would be worth checking in Device Manager that the usb hub is not set to "turn off to save power"

    What version of Backup Exec and what is the actual error?

    If you dont have physical access to the server, can you remote into another machine on the LAN as the domain admin and do a remote restart
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      Re: External USB Hard Disk backups and SBS2003

      What brand is the USB HDD? I've had problems doing backups to external Western Digital USB drives.


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        Re: External USB Hard Disk backups and SBS2003

        Yes it is a Western Digital 1TB disk..It looks like the disk now has completely dropped off the server..I can't be there to physically reconnect, but it doesn't look good...Hmmmm


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          Re: External USB Hard Disk backups and SBS2003

          I've had the same problem with external WD USB drives. It drops off the server and the only way to get it back is to unplug it from the server, reboot the server, and plug it back in.

          I got tired of doing it so I took the drive out of it (SATA) and got an empty external SATA drive enclosure, SATA controller card, and SATA cable and put the drive in there and have had no trouble since.


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            Re: External USB Hard Disk backups and SBS2003

            Stupid point but if you ever get the disk reconnected to the server, ensure it is formatted NTFS. Some arrive formatted as FAT32 and then you get the message that the disk is full or other such error.

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              Re: External USB Hard Disk backups and SBS2003

              Rather then jumping through too many hoops with the external drive you may consider a TRAVAN 40 or DAT 72 drive. This way you can take the tapes off site after a full backup in case of fire etc...