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Implementing TS in mixed environment Server2003/SBS2000

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  • Implementing TS in mixed environment Server2003/SBS2000

    Hello from Denmark,
    I have with interest read your posts in MCSEWorldForum - but got rather confused about implementing Terminal Services in application mode if the situation is like this.

    I have a customer with a SBS2000 which is a DC and have the necessary user CAL's installed. The server today acts as file print and application server.
    Now they want to give access to certain home users and business partners with TS.
    My question is - and will this work.

    1. Buy a new server with Windows 2003 std. server on it
    2. Buy 5 Windows Terminal Svr CAL 2003 WinNT English OLP NL Device CAL.

    3. The old SBS2000 will then act as my TSLicensing server and
    4. I install and activate the new Server2003 with Terminal Server and installs the application that the users requests here.
    5. The new 2003-server will be joined into the domain ctrl that already resides on the old SBS2000.
    5. Will there be any problems with this mixed server2003/SBS2000 environment - something I haven't thought of here.....

    I would appreciate any comments on this case...

    Thanks in advance,
    Morten Rasmussen

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    Re: Implementing TS in mixed environment Server2003/SBS2000

    you need to buy terminal server cals that will be installed on the windows 2003 server.
    windows 2003 terminal server requieres that the licensing server will be installed on a 2003 machine.
    Good Luck


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      Re: Implementing TS in mixed environment Server2003/SBS2000

      Have you considered upgrading your SBS to 2003, adding as few more XP stations, as required and giving access as required via Remote Web Workplace (RWW)? With RWW you can safely control a PC from outside which lets you work in a TS-like environment (or pcAnywhere, if you like) . You can control these PC's with group policy down to the kiosk-like level.

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