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Mail Issue

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  • Mail Issue


    Recently did a migration from 2003 Server and Exchange 03 server to SBS 2008.

    During the movement of mailboxes from one server to the other I encountered an error on one of the 03 mailboxes and was unable to copy it. I instead backed up the users mailbox to a pst file and then using ad users and computers on the 03 exchange server I deleted the users mailbox and then purged the data.

    On the SBS08 server I created a mailbox with the same name for the user, using the SBS wizard, it created the mailbox without errors, however when you try to send e-mail to the user within the domain it gives an error saying the mailbox does not exist anymore.

    What is odd, is users outside of the local domain can send to this address without any problems or errors.

    Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Mail Issue

    have you given it time to replicate and update recipient policy an stuff ?
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      Re: Mail Issue


      Thanks, I think we have the issue resolved, MS tech support had me delete the autofill when it came up in outlook and then type in the address manually.

      So far no bounces so I think we are good.

      Thanks again for the help