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Cannot demote SBS 2003 (remove Certificate Services...)

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  • Cannot demote SBS 2003 (remove Certificate Services...)

    Hi all
    I've migrated from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008 one week ago without (so it seems) any problem

    I've done all the migration steps and I've successfully removed Exchange from SBS 2003

    During this week everything was running fine (the old Source Server was still running) and now I want to demote the old server to remove it

    When I try to run "dcpromo" on SBS 2003 there is an error "Before you can install or remove Active Directory you must remove certificate services"

    I've seen that "Certification Authority" is running on my old SBS 2003 and also on SBS 2008 (?)

    I tried to stop on SBS 2003 the Certification Authority but I cannot run dcpromo

    I found this:

    "How to decommission a Windows enterprise certification authority and how to remove all related objects from Windows Server 2003 and from Windows Server 2000"

    Do I need to follow this instructions ? I want to remove Certificate Services only from my old SBS 2003 not from my entire domain (Certificate Services are running also on the new SBS 2008 )

    On my SBS 2003 Certificate Services "Issued Certificates" folder I have many rows; a lot of them are already expired but some of them not (certificate effective date is before SBS 2003-2008 migration date)

    I'm concerned because linked page says "Step 6: Remove CA objects from Active Directory"

    I do not want to remove from my entire AD domain, only from my old SBS 2003 server (and I cannot demote it if I do not remove Certification Services ...

    What is the right procedure to follow ?

    Thank you