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    I'm struggling to solve an issue I have regarding distribution lists.

    We have a user that has an AD user account, but not a mailbox. We have the smtp server in Exchange set to forward unresolved addresses to our external ISP smtp server. When he sends email he uses our external hosting rather than exchange.

    Sending an email from my exchange account ([email protected]) to this address ([email protected]) works fine. I have to specify the email address rather than select them from the GAL. I can't see the contact records in my address book even though I've told outlook to download it.

    Because I now want to include him in a distribution group I've created a contact record in the SBSUsers OU, however I get an instant undeliverable message when sending to the distribution group for that user. All other's have exchange accounts and the messages are delivered.

    I've also created a contact with a gmail address, but that message just disappears with no undeliverable. If I setup an outlook rule to redirect/forward emails to a gmail address it works.

    Can anyone suggest what I can do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: SBS2003 Premium R2

    Could you tell us exactly what the error messasge is ?
    do you have a link as to which instructions you followed to create the external contact ? i had this working in my last role no probs/.//
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      Re: SBS2003 Premium R2

      Hi tehcamel, thanks for responding.

      I've managed to get this sorted by using the following

      Essentially I needed to tell the SBS server it wasn't responsible for all emails in our domain. It was just strange that if i sent an email by directly typing the address it would work, but sending it to a contact in a distribution group caused it to fail.