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VPN Access for Windows 2003 sbs

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  • VPN Access for Windows 2003 sbs

    Hi Guys,
    Can someone advise me how to remote access my windows box 2k3 sbs server? outside my office?

    any links pls? tnx

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    Re: VPN Access for Windows 2003 sbs

    I use Remote Desktop to access the serers i work on from home


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      Re: VPN Access for Windows 2003 sbs

      i think remote desktop or remote web workplace is the final act to connect to the server.
      i think that vpn should be implement by a separate box like checkpoint or something else. much better
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        Re: VPN Access for Windows 2003 sbs

        The SBS server should be accessible remotely over the interenet if you have the ip address or URL

        and will allow administrators remote workplace access to servers.

        Users will not be offered server access.

        This is a default setup if you allow remote access and the firewall permits


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          Re: VPN Access for Windows 2003 sbs

          Try some remote access software like GoToMyPc, RemotePC, or LogMeIn. RemotePC works easily behind most firewalls / proxy servers and it has entire communication between the two machines encrypted using 128-bit RC4/SSL to ensure security during remote access.


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            Re: VPN Access for Windows 2003 sbs

            hi there.
            first i think best thing to do is to know what kind of fire wall you have there.

            now, if its checkpoints sbox for example u can connect to it by creating a simple vpn connection. the security policy controls remote vpn connections on that firewall ( as much as i know).

            in one place i work we use the sbox. so i connect to it by: 1> creating a vpn connection from the "my network places" icon//properties. 2> establishing the remote control of win xp or just go to start menu -->run --> type in mstsc.
            on my case i didnt even had to configure the fire wall it self. there are no special ruls in it. all is blocked. so basicaly its connecting due to the policy authentication.

            on the other place i work, we use a cisco firewall. this 1 is a heavy dude.
            so i connect to it like that: 1> i make a vpn connection by using a special software offered by cisco itself. than i feel in some authentication and ip data.

            2> i use the mstsc again (remoet control utility) to connect to it.

            in both cases : u have to use the external ip and subnet of the firewall.
            and the internal ip // server name in the remote control


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              Re: VPN Access for Windows 2003 sbs

              You have Remote Web Workplace - you don't need a VPN. Make sure ports 443 & 4125 are open on your firewall - you don't have to worry too much about 4125 as it is only opened dynamically when needed. For more info see
              Is Remote Web Workplace with RDP more secure than VPN?

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