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Going from SBS2000 to Enterprise AD

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  • Going from SBS2000 to Enterprise AD

    With an expanding company we have outgrown our SBS2000 altogether and need to upgrade to an Enterprise AD. AFAIK this is not a supported migration path and I am anticipating quite a few challenges on the way.
    Could anyone provide any hints on this specific migration path it would be of great help.

    -Apart from SBS we are also running our ERP system and a host of other services on this server, and the plan is to move these services to three different servers. One for Exchange, one for the ERP and one for the rest. At least two of those will need to be DCs and GCs. But my problem is how to move, users, mailboxes, computer accounts, profiles, applications in a smooth way. I will probably use ADMT and EXMERGE, but with 70+ users and computers in different sites I need to be sure everything works every step of the way.

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    Re: Going from SBS2000 to Enterprise AD

    You can look into getting the transition pack for SBS2003



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      Re: Going from SBS2000 to Enterprise AD

      -But that will only get me to Standard Edition Exchange and Standard Edition Windows. I want Enterprise editions. Does it mean I will have to
      1. Upgrade SBS2K to SBS2003
      2. Install SBS2003 transition pack to get to standard edition
      3. Upgrade from standard edition to Enterprise edition?


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        Re: Going from SBS2000 to Enterprise AD

        Please review:;en-us;555073

        Sturban answer can also be useful, but you may need to buy SBS 2003 license.


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          Re: Going from SBS2000 to Enterprise AD

          I can think of a way to transition, but I am not sure of the relative costs. The transition pack can preserve the original investment in SBS, but if you want to go directly to Enterprise, you could maybe use the 2003 media as an interim measure, without the actual license cost. i would need to check th elegality of that.

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