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install sbs 2008 with non private ip

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  • install sbs 2008 with non private ip


    I'm going to migrate my sbs 2003 domain to sbs 2008 on a new server.
    my local LAN ip address start with 200.0.0.X sub
    as i read i can't install the sbs 2008 while my local LAN use this kind of ip address range.
    am i right about that?
    if i can't use my current ip address,can i change the ip address just for the installation on my server and DHCP to 192.168.1.X sub finish to installation of sbs 2008 and after that setup my ip address back to 200.0.0.X on the sbs 2003 and sbs 2008 and everything will work normal?(there is a difficulty in changing my local ip address range to 192.168.X.X)


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    Re: install sbs 2008 with non private ip

    the folowing page states install with a private range, then change it later

    you may then need to run the CEIW or whatever the equivalent is, after changing the address.
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      Re: install sbs 2008 with non private ip

      Why would you want to use public IP's for your LAN anyway? Surely you are better using a firewall and NATting/PATting the necessary equipment!

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