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Disk space keeps filling up, probably WSUS

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  • Disk space keeps filling up, probably WSUS


    We find that disk space keeps filling up - probablt due to wsus - how do you turn it off or is it safe to remove.


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    Re: Disk space keeps filling up, probably WSUS

    tongers, 68 posts and yet you hijack another Member's thread. Very, very disappointed. You know how we feel about hijacking and that you always start a new thread even if your question is the same, which in this case it wasn't.

    Please confirm that your question relates to SBS 2008.
    Have you checked to see how big the WSUS Update folder is?
    Have you deselected the Updates you don't require? Previously we found that the Driver Updates was a space hog.
    Are you sure it is WSUS that is causing the problem?
    Treesize can let you know where the space is being used.
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