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    Hi everyone,

    Here is my problem:

    I have a new customer who is not satisfied with his current IT configuration in general, he bought a new server with another company who installed an SBS 2003 and the installation / configuration was not done correctly at all. They decided to come with us now to completely reformat their server and do a fresh new installation. I have therefore made a P2V conversion of their server to a server of mine, and took their server with me at office (Like this they can still work on the VM during the process).

    What I will do is to format their server and reinstall SBS 2003. As there are only 7 users, I will create manually the 7 users and configure exchange accordingly.

    For their mails, I will convert everything to PST files that will synchronize with the new Exchange after joining their workstations to the new domain.
    My biggest concern is the public folders: How will I do to take the public folders from the old one and put them in the new one??

    Hope you can help me...


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    Re: Public folders

    If their AD is ok I would do a swing migration and forklift the MSX databases to the new server.
    If that is not an option and you must reinstall, then you have no choice but to manually make a note of all permissions, then copy the PF structure to a mailbox (I usually use the administrator's mailbox for such projects - no permission problems usually). From there, I export the items to a regular PST, then reverse the procedure on the new server. Watch out for any special forms, scripts, event sinks etc that you need to re-create. (now you know why "swing" is a much better alternative!)

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      Re: Public folders

      Originally posted by chayolle
      As there are only 7 users, I will create manually the 7 users
      I hope you really mean that you will manually create them by using the Wizard.
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