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Poor network performance after migration to SBS 2008

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  • Poor network performance after migration to SBS 2008

    I have recently upgraded a W2k3 Server to SBS 2008. Post-upgrade, users are reporting slower speeds for software which consumes 'back-end' data on the server. This is both embarassing and annoying for me, since part of my justification for their expenditure was the promise of better performance in going from older to newer OS (with more RAM and 64-bit technology). I'm now having to explain why things are worse now than they were before, (which is perfectly reasonable from my clients perspective). I don't think this is due to an over-worked processor or lack of memory. Possibly a network issue or disk issue?

    Anyone have any suggestions about possible causes? Remedies? Advice? If you've had similar issues and got them sorted, I'd be interested in learning from your experience. Many thanks in advance...

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    Re: Poor network performance after migration to SBS 2008

    First, tell them that tere will be a tweeking period you fine tune the new Server and the configuration. That will by you some time to tweek and fine tune the new Server.

    Second, you have provided us with NO information except for you moved from Server 2003 (was it SBS) to SBS 2008. No mention about SP, Updates, Hotfixes, what the Event Viewer is telling you, what Task Manager is displaying or if you have run any diagnostics on this setup at all.

    Are you getting the picture about what you need to do and information that needs to be posted here?
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