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  • SBS 2008 - Remote Web Workplace

    Previously in SBS 2003 I was able to connect Remote Web Workplace entering https://70.xx.xx.xx/remote and now I cannot connect properly using for SBS 2008. I am missing something in configuration/certificates/dns and not sure what. Our website/e-mail pop3 is hosted by an ISP that is not one of SBS 2008 approved (and we will not be changing) so I opted to manage the domain name myself in SBS 2008 and create a self signed certificate. I used the certificate package created on the server to install on my remote machine. If I type in https://70.xx.xx.xx/remote I do get the RWW however the certificates do not match the self-signed certificate that i created on the server even after installing the one from the server. I make sure it was trusted. It does however let me log into my outlook and company web page even though it indicates certificate error. I get invalid certificate error and mismatch when trying to connect to my client computers/server. If i type in in the browser... it cannot find it. I tried to enter DNS records in server but not sure i was putting them in right spot. I put them under trying to get it to point to the WAN address. I tried to generate a new self-signed certificate and added it on my remote PC but that still gave me same error. I used the default when setting up my address because I wasn't sure if there was a way to enter the IP address instead. Its like it is 'half' right. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am scratching my head. I know it has to do with the self signed certificate and DNS pointers just not sure how to fix it.

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    Re: SBS 2008 - Remote Web Workplace

    Read the documentation carefully - the remote name has been changed in 2008 from
    The port number has also been changed from 4125 to 9xx (can't remember off hand what it is).
    However teh docs and the wizards give you a very clear explanation of what to do. If not and there is a video in 4-parts explaining how to get certificates properly set up.

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      Re: SBS 2008 - Remote Web Workplace

      Managing Windows Small Business Server 2008 Remote Web Workplace

      A must read for those new to SBS2008.

      Also interesting.
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