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  • Client Machine system

    Hi from a newbie to SBS2003.

    I have with the help of a network wizard (who does not know SBS2003) installed SBS2003 Premier, this went well with no hiccups. We then came to do the first client machine and this is were it went wrong.

    The client machine desktop under SBS2003 changed to a new set up with some of the former icons and left some out. Thing like Office was on the menu but not on the desktop. Now here is the strange part when you click to open say Word, it trys to install office and asks for disks to be inserted but if you cancel the install, the program then runs normally ???

    Question :- how do i get the orginal desktop to work under SBS2003??

    PS I can log in under the origanl machine log in as well as the SBS log in. If log in under the orginal machine log in everything works perfectly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Client Machine system

    This has nothing to do with SBS, but with the way you installed Office. You'd get the same effect with any new account on that XP. Apparently you configured it such that it will look for stuff on the CD. I'd update the Office install with all options on and 'run from this machine' (or something like that).


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      Re: Client Machine system

      What has happened, if I understand correctly, is that you had a standalone workstation already set up and it had a certain profile. Now what has happened is you have joined that workstation to the domain and when you log on you now see a different profile.
      If you look under C:\Documents and Settings you will probably see a number of subdirectories including All Users, Default User, LocalService, NetworkService etc. the others are all user profiles.
      There are ways of linking to other profiles, but the best way in future, is to connect by using \\<servername>\connectcomputer which will load an ActiveX into the browser and start connecting you to the domain. One of the questions it asks you when you choose a user, is which "local" profile you wish to transfer to your domain user when you are on that workstation.
      That is the way to preserve your previous settings.

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        Re: Client Machine system

        Thanks guys for all your views and sorry i have not responded but this was due to illness.

        Will look at them and see how best to handle my problem.

        Thanks again.