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SBS2008 ST DNS setup failure

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  • SBS2008 ST DNS setup failure

    1. How to start over SBS2008 IP/DHCP/DNS configuration wizard on the already running server, which now provides SQL access to local network users who aren't joined to domain.

    2. How to provide workstation Internet access to workstation not a domain member?

    3. Or most likely the problem is just with erratic DNS setting. Is there any wizard you could suggest to fix DNS configuration without messing server functionality?

    Any ideas how to continue?

    Server itself doesn't have Internet access problem.
    I did a mistake and pre - installed SBS2008 St in my home office with different DHCP scope ( different the in target network). I switched from router DHCP to SBS2008 and most workstations continued to work with old IP lease from router until some days later.
    when users couldn't get network access I noticed that server fixed IP and DHCP scope were different. I fixed it manually and now users get correct IP but still can't access internet. Looks there is some mess with DNS server setting, as now temp fix is to enter ISP DNS manually to each workstation TCP/IP settings.

    Right now users aren't connected to domain but are expected to get IP from server and to be able to connect to Internet and are provided with SQL access to the same domain controller SBS2008.

    Right now I can't start join domain wizard from workstations, as there are still works to be done with previously running applications accessing SQL.

    Btw. I reached Petri's community by Google hit to locked theme without reply, which describes 90% the same problem.

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    Re: SBS2008 ST DNS setup failure

    I have been thinking about the problem, while there still is no solution, I have few more ideas, what's wrong.

    Is it by SBS 2008 design, that Windows XP workgroup members (ones not joined domain) can't enjoy SBS 2008 DHCP, DNS and the same time access Internet?

    1. Internet access may be limited due to security
    2. Possibly workgroup violates easily SBS licensing term, until workstation don't have a CAL and therefore is prohibited by SBS.

    Any ideas?


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      Re: SBS2008 ST DNS setup failure

      Have you run the Internet connection Wizard so the Server can connect to the Internet?
      Are the workstations getting any IPs from SBS DHCP? Post an IPCONFIG /ALL from a workstation.
      Does DHCP give the correct Default gateway to the clients?
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        Re: SBS2008 ST DNS setup failure

        And try running the "Fix My Network Wizard" - I am told that it tries about 180 different fixes....

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          Re: SBS2008 ST DNS setup failure


          Thanks for everyone!
          The problem was solved after 2nd run of network wizard.