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sharepoint issues on a new sbs2008 install.

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  • sharepoint issues on a new sbs2008 install.


    I've migrated users\data\AD from a win2003 standard source server.

    The migration went fine.

    After the local IT tech installed the latest hotfixes, when the users sends email from their outlook2007 client, it keep asking the authentication for the SITES .

    I dont know why outlook 2007 tries to connect to the sharepoint sites, in the outlook user account there's not any reference to sharepoints services.

    So i tried to access to the companyweb and sites webpage, it displayed "cannot connect to the connfiguration database", further checks shows that the sharepoint sp2 was cancelled ( i dont know if reported an error during the installation or the local IT stopped the installation ) so...i downloaded the SP2 standalone package and reinstalled.

    After the SP2 installation the sharepoint technologies installation wizard pops up, and it worked like 20\30 mins reporting no errors.

    At installation completed, with the domain admin user i can connect to the sites\companyweb pages, but users keep getting the authentication popup.

    i've checked the iis snapin, i have:

    - Windows server updates services administration
    - Default website ( stopped ) ( binding *:80)
    - SBS client deployment application
    - SBS sharepoint ( bindings *:987 )
    - SBS web applications (bindings sites:80 *:443 )
    - Sharepoint - 80 ( bindings *:80 - companyweb:80 )
    - Sharepoint central admin v3 ( binding *:11392 )

    I think that the SP2 update created a NEW sharepoint instance, on 80 tcp port stopping the default website.

    Now, i'm seriously thinking about removing and reinstalling the whole sharepoint service ( it's currently not used, so the DB's are empty from users data ), so i can get a single instance of sharepoint managed to and for SBS.

    Or instead of reinstalling the whole sharepoint, removing the second instance ( sharepoint - 80) and repairing the first instance (SBS sharepoint ) following the MS doc.

    Thanks in advance