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Login ok, but no drives & duplicates in Network Neighbothood

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  • Login ok, but no drives & duplicates in Network Neighbothood

    Using SBS 2003 at a small office of less than 20 workstations. For some reason, one workstation, under Network Neighborhood, listed the same server twice, then could not log to the network drives under that user, only as Administrator.

    Next day, a different computer could log in, but no network drives. And when a SBS workstation can't find a network drive, it also can't find the sbs login script.

    Next day again on a different workstation etc...

    Today, it's another one that can't login, and there is no duplicate listing in the Network Neighborhood like the first time, but it's the same thing. The workstation can login to the server, but can't find the network drives.

    Do I need to do something like "clear the cache" or "clean up" SBS 2003 security on these drives, or does it sound like DHCP or Active Direcory?

    I have resolved this so far on 3 workstations, by recreating the workstation network login and profile from scratch, and that takes a lot of time.

    The last changes we did on the SBS 2003 was to start to run SharePoint3 alongside of SharePoint2. I noiced 3 new active directory groups, but did assign to any members yet. Could the upgrade jam the network drives?

    In the past, you guys have providing the right answers, and any help in this issue would be greatly appreciated,

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    Re: Login ok, but no drives & duplicates in Network Neighbothood

    When you have problems with login, there are usually three sources for it: DNS, DNS or DNS. So let's look at DNS first!
    Are the workstations all pointing to the SBS as their source for DNS? Is DHCP handing out the SBS address as the DNS? Is TCP/IP the only protocol installed on the workstations? The server? Perhaps a quick "ipconfig /all" from the server and one of the troublesome workstations could help us.
    Also try "ipconfig /flushdns" might help out if there are stale records. In anycase, I would look through your DNS on the SBS and remove any old/stale records manually.

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