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computer offline in SBS 2008 console

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  • computer offline in SBS 2008 console

    I do have problem with SBS 2008 console
    When I install new computer I often have the computer showing offline.
    I tried to use connect wizard, and connect manualy with the same result.
    A read on forum a lot about firewall setting that affect this matter but I am not convice. If I turn the firewall off nothing change.
    I did address this problem a few time by reinstalling the operating system (Win 7 pro/ultimate/32and 64 bits).
    I do have a laptop with an interesting result. when I use the wire LAN it show online and when I use the wireless lan it show offline.
    Base on that I did work on the network adaptor setting and find nothing that stand out.
    Then on an other desktop I install a NIC card and desable the onboard NIC and "voila" the computer show online!!!!
    Full of confidence I tried that new trick on another desktop and................. still offfline.

    Any ideas on this subject??
    Any body find where the problem is?
    A lot of people talk about it on the net but no answers

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    Re: computer offline in SBS 2008 console

    See if this troubleshooting checklist helps


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      Re: computer offline in SBS 2008 console

      Hi BigStan

      Thank you for your responce.
      The link is very interesting and may help some poeple. Unfortunatly did not work for me however, After I erase the drive with partition manager, I did reinstall win7 on the desktop and change the name from admin-pc to admin-pc1.
      I have no problem now with that computer but I still don't know the real fix to that problem.
      I will try this trick next time I have this problem again and see if that the cure.........


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        Re: computer offline in SBS 2008 console

        Does the desktop have a Bluetooth device? If yes, disable it and try again.

        Is there any errors in the Event Viewer on the desktop and the SBS Server?
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          Re: computer offline in SBS 2008 console


          No bluetooth and no error related to that problem (I beleive)
          I tried my new trick of changing the computer name with another computer and it did work again.
          At first it did have a problem with DNS and after few minute the server did resolve the issue.
          Is there a way to purge the DNS "memory" of the server like DNS/release DNS renew?


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            Re: computer offline in SBS 2008 console

            DNS can be cleaned either manually or by setting 'scavenging' but that only cleans up after 7 days by default.

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