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Access to shared directories via VPN

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  • Access to shared directories via VPN

    I've searched around and found a lot of people with the same problem but i haven't been able to find a resolution.

    When people connect to the office network over a VPN and try to connect to the shared data drives/folders on the SBS2008 server they are asked for a domain login but are unable to use their own username and password (the ones they are logged in with) and instead have to use another domain users details before they are granted access to the shared directories.

    This happens all the time remotely and has occured on a couple of machines connected locally, I have a feeling its policy related but haven't been able to fix it.
    It just seems to occur while connecting to the server to view files, they can use exchange remotely without needing to use a seperate login.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've run out of ideas!

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    Re: Access to shared directories via VPN

    Have you checked to see if the Users are in the appropriate User Group? Remote Users, VPN Users or whatever it is called.
    Were the User Accounts setup using the Wizard or manually?
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      Re: Access to shared directories via VPN

      Thanks Biggles, I think that was what I was missing.
      The users were imported from the old SBS2003 server, I had ticked the boxes allowing remote access but not assigned groups to all of them.

      I've got the user roll wizard going and sorted out all the current users, there is several small peeves that people have reported to me so il see if this clears them up.


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        Re: Access to shared directories via VPN

        In addition to Biggles77's helpful tip, there is another issue that often pops up: if someone is using a home computer (not something I encourage BTW), then you need to LOG ON to that (home) computer with the username/password of the domain.
        I look at it like this - the VPN password set you up with the tunnel, but access to the network is still controlled by the logon name you used.

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