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SBS 2000 AV solution

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  • SBS 2000 AV solution

    Hi all,

    I am looking for some advice. We are still running our SBS 2000 “without fail” crossed fingers up to now. I am hoping to push through an SBS 2008 new server install very shortly.

    My question…. Are any of you still running SBS 2000 and if so what Anti Virus software do you have on it, protecting Exchange/Server and desktop clients.

    The AV we have currently, expired some time ago and the previous admin chap didn’t renew !

    I would like whatever AV solution to be transferrable, from our existing SBS 2000 setup, to a new SBS 2008 server if possible ?

    Current setup
    1x SBS 2000 server
    25x Clients

    I don’t wish to start an AV war just some info on what you are running and if your happy with it.

    Great forum by the way….

    Many thanks

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    Re: SBS 2000 AV solution

    You may find that many AV vendors don't support 2000 servers any more and as such you will have difficulty finding one that is good for now and can then be transferred in the future. eg Symantec can install an SQL database that will not be compatible with anything you may have on your 2000 server - so check out thoroughly before you commit.

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      Re: SBS 2000 AV solution

      Thanks for the reply.

      I sort of suspected that