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catching a runaway process

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  • tehcamel
    started a topic catching a runaway process

    catching a runaway process

    We have an SBS2003 server that every now and again, randomly and intermittently, freezes, or spontaneously reboots without creating BSOD or dumps, despite having all the appropriate settings.

    Initially we felt it was hardware, and after updating drivers, firmware etc, it continued to happen. We had a project to migrate the server to a virtual server anyway, and so sped that up a bit, thinking it would allay the problem.
    (Server is also due for decomission but got a bit of work yet)

    It's now on the virtual infrastructure, and still occuring.
    One of our other engineers has been able to establish that it's not responding via the console, so we strongly suspect a run-away process now. We don't know which process though, and struggling to work out how to monitor, as we can't find the right perfmon counters.

    any suggestions on how we could capture what's running away ? monitoring %processor load will just tell us it's spiking, but not what is spiking..

  • L4ndy
    Re: catching a runaway process

    Try either Process Explorer or ADPlus.
    In your case, since you don't know when it'll happen, maybe Adplus could help more.
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