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Migrating to 2008 SBS

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  • Migrating to 2008 SBS

    Afternoon Chaps,

    I have a predicament, I have a brand new server ready to go, but the problem is I have been doing test migrations from a server that I put an image of my current 2003 SBS and I have been migrating, the thing is I've done 3 tests and each one had a problem at a different that it has cause the migration to fail. I am following the MS guidelines to the note! Including running Best Practice Analyzer and assuring everything is sound before the migration.

    My question is; Is it possible for me to build my new server up the way I want it and import my exchange stores after? Also is it possible to import all my group policy settings over like this also?

    Or am I missing something in the migration that MS has not put in their procedure?

    Your thoughts and advise are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Migrating to 2008 SBS

    I would also run the Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner

    When migrating you need to run the SBS Migration Tool on the SBS 2003 Server

    You will also need to make a migration file that you will put on a usb flash drive and use when installing the SBS 2008.

    At what points are you having problems.


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      Re: Migrating to 2008 SBS

      Have a look at as this should do what you require and with a minimal downtime.
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        Re: Migrating to 2008 SBS

        Thanks for the info chaps.

        I ran the environment scanner, everything came back green! Which is cool.

        I have also ran the Migration tool on the 2003 box, everything goes smoothly at that point. In fact, it goes smoothly each time but it's the final boot that has the problem. One time AD did not migrate correctly and this last time Exchange has failed and I have a message every time I log in that I need to redo the migration. When I try opening exchange it says that I need to finish the migration.. Very strange!


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          Re: Migrating to 2008 SBS

          Download the latest Migration Document (it undergoes various updates as time goes by) and read every, word, letter and punctuation mark - it sounds like you have missed a step in the final stages of perhaps migrating public folders or address books.
          Also check out the SBS Blog for any special or late breaking info.

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