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Terminal Server on SBS 2003

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  • Terminal Server on SBS 2003

    If I install a Terminal Server on and SBS 2003 network and have
    purchased the required number of TS Cals, so I also have to purchase
    additional SBS Cals? Right now the SBS server is licenses in a 'per
    connection' mode. If we had five new remote users coming in through
    TS, that would on be one new connection, the TS, but five new users.

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    Re: Terminal Server on SBS 2003

    Have a read of this and see if it helps.

    Also search the SBS 2003 Forum for licensing threads. There are several. Use the Advance Search function.
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      Re: Terminal Server on SBS 2003

      Officially, there is no "per connection" mode in SBS 2003: there are per user and per device CALS . The same goes for TS. The fact that SBS 2003 Licensing doen't know how to count is another story and perhaps contributes to why SBS 2008 doesn't even bother to try! Just as you have to buy the correct number of licenses for Office and, if you have a volume license, there is no check actually how many you have in practice, so with SBS you have to have the correct number of CALS for your users/devices.
      BTW With regular Windows Server, for TS you need both TS CALs and Server CALS, so at least the SBS CAL covers you for additional Windows Servers, like TS.

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