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Migrating from 2003 R2 Standard to SBS 2008 Premium

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  • Migrating from 2003 R2 Standard to SBS 2008 Premium


    I've searched on the MS migration guide and around the 'net about a document regarding the migration steps to take for moving from a 2003 std box to an new Sbs 2008 premium.

    My source server serves very basilar services: Domain controller, file and printer, dhcp and dns, NO exchange email's are stored on a linux imap server.

    There arent any exchange servers on the network, i need to migrate the users\data and create empty mailboxes, then with the exchange 2007 mail transporter too, i will fetch the existing email from the linux imap mail server.

    It is possibile ( with the sbs answer tool ) to migrate ad users, promote it as dc, and create empty mailboxes, even if there isn't an exchange server on the source server ?

    Or i need to install a temporary exchange 2003 server on my source server, so the sbs migration process recreates the new mailboxes ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Migrating from 2003 R2 Standard to SBS 2008 Premium

    Look for docs relating to migrating from a standard Windows 2003 server since you are in basically a similar position. Follow the migration docs missing out the steps from Exchange. What you are basically told to do in a migration is to install the new SBS2008 box alongside the existing SBS 2003, create a connector between the two Exchange servers and then move the mailboxes from one server to the other. The next stage is to clean up the older Exchange and remove the "first Exchange server" from the site. Since you do not have exchange you can skip those steps.

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      Re: Migrating from 2003 R2 Standard to SBS 2008 Premium

      It seems that the migration went fine, except some todo tasks after the SBS installation.

      it keeps asking to migrate users from the source server, but since it's not an sbs server, the migration cannot be completed ( the source os is not suppoorted )

      but it not a problem, all the AD roles and users where migrated with the answer file.

      Now i have a problem with sharepoint, i think that i need to reinstall it, i will open a new discussion.

      Mods can close this topic.

      Thanks to all