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OWA crash after deleting and reassigining SBS 2008 DC servers' Certificates

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  • OWA crash after deleting and reassigining SBS 2008 DC servers' Certificates

    As an integrator i have installed a brand new SBS 2008 into HP ML 150 Hardware with 4gb for 4 users office (with lots of optimisem )
    Right after installation all went well for 2 months as for basic server m,exchange,file amd print
    it is installed with fullstd features , Sharoint and line of business application using MSDE ( sql express ) , file and print services the firewall gateway is fortigate 80c box with DMZ , iconfigured exchange 2007 with POP3 connectore to ISPto the request of the client

    while answering a service call for certificate error message saying it is expired after runnig outlok , the error was annoying only since clicking YES outlook ran just fine . (the errornous cer. from local CA expiration date somewhere back in 1989 )
    secondly the line of business application using SQL express infrastructure which is over the SBS 2008 was stopping often and annoyed the users too

    I also have to add that to gain mobile access to mail i also tried to install to exchange the new GODADDY SSL new certificate using add rrusted certificate wizard and got error message that it was unseccessfull

    Just before starting to fix i understood one of our staff members admitted he installed the SBS w/o adding the current dateduring instllation only after installation he updated it .. that means that the entire setup ran on the default date of somwhere in 1989 , it is either the HP BIOS date came out of the box or the windows setup defaults

    to fix the annoying certificate i thought to locate the invalid certificate , delete it and create a new one with a new future healthy date certificate , unfortunatly i found myself deleting the DC Certificate and reassigned a new one successfuly using certificate snap-in

    i entered into a state when i thought to uninstall some roles i do not need to
    now the status is that OWA can not work , many wizardscannot work
    fix mynetwork wizard kills the DHCP , my video card
    the roles i uninstalled were
    AD Certificate services
    Network Policy.

    if any remeady is out ther ...