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mail fails to 1 domain

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  • mail fails to 1 domain

    unable to send mail from exchange 2007 to 1 domain - mail sits in queue
    #550 4.4.7 QUEUE.Expired; message expired ##
    unable to telnet recipient server on port 25 - cursor just stays on screen.
    cannot telnet from any pc on domain.
    can send mail to other domains ok.
    can ping
    any suggestions appreciated.

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    Re: mail fails to 1 domain

    I've just tried to do a telnet to that address from here, and it works ok.

    It's possible that the eircom server has blocked your IP address.
    Could you try telnetting from a location outside your network and let me know if the issue still exists ?
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      Re: mail fails to 1 domain

      A telnet to that server indicates they are using rbl software, would bet they are blocking your IP address as camel mentioned!

      Best bet is to contact that comany's IT and ask them what rbl sources they are using so you can a) check if your IP is indeed on them and b) fix and/or request removal of said IP.

      rblsmtpd can (apparently) run on public lists and private ones.