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Another WSUS Problem :)

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  • Another WSUS Problem :)

    Hi all

    I hope you all dont mind me vreating a seperate thread for this from my other 2 - I dont want it to get messy, especially with my rambling on in no partiular order.

    This is the latest - WSUS 3.0 SP2 is installed and working, functionally. In the SBS Console it is showing the error message "The software update configuration has been modified and no longer meets the recommended configuration"

    Now, I have googled my ass off and every result is the same - check the settings match or exceed the default SBS ones. I have been through it many times but it still says the same thing (even tried reboot).

    Am I missing something?

    My settings are:

    Language - English
    Products - All Products
    Classifications - All but drivers
    Sync Settings - Auto (1am), once per day

    Thats it.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Another WSUS Problem

    did you install SP2 for wsus yourself, or was it already like that ?

    i guess what i'm getting at is, does SBS08 expect it to be wsus sp1 ? and - is this a fatal error.. does wsus still work ?
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      Re: Another WSUS Problem

      The server was actually installed about a month ago and then turned off - I installed it a few days ago to find WSUS broken (no sign of it on the Server at all), so Im not sure if it broke on the original install or after.

      Since then I have uninstalled WSUS and reinstalled it using the setup file manually, which leaves me where I am now.

      SP2 was included in the installer, which was on CD2 of the SBS DVD pack, so Im guessing it knows its supposed to be SP2.

      Functionally, it works fine.



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        Re: Another WSUS Problem

        Another interesting turn of events.

        I received my daily SBSMon report today and it shows Updates as OK, with the green check (previous Reports mirrored the Unknown status on the SBS Console).

        The SBS Console however is still not green.