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Network Printing help needed

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  • Network Printing help needed


    I am seeking help with setting up a brother network printer from a remote office (home) to an office. My mobile user has 2 of the same brother network printers, one at home and one at the office. They each have their own IP set on the appropriate subnet of their respective networks.

    The office location has a static IP and the home network has a dynamic IP. I have set up a VPN between home and office, which works. I have set up the office printer to be able to print from home, it works.

    The issue i am having is that my mobile user connects to their workstation at work via RDP to use their needed software. This user would like to be able to print from the printer at home, however i cannot get this to work.

    I am working with a SBS win 2003 server. While on the server i can see the home printer when i press Find Printers, however i cannot connect to it.

    I am stuck and would appreciate any help available.


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    Re: Network Printing help needed

    You can find the Printer but do you have permission to print to it? Check Printer Security Tab and then see if the User is a Member of any of the Groups in the Security Tab.
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      Re: Network Printing help needed

      I agree with Biggles77 above but you could install it "permanently" on the home machine. Connect the VPN then add a printer (local) using standard TCP/IP port - use the fixed IP you have from work.

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