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SBS 2008 Network Configuration

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  • SBS 2008 Network Configuration

    I have had a quick look through the SBS 2008 forums but cannot see the answer to my question.

    Basically I am currently running SBS 2003 with a 2 NIC configuration. I am really happy with this, but the server is due to go out of warranty end of this month so I being forced to buy a new one.

    As we are expanding, I am looking at the option of getting 2 new servers, one with SBS 2008 and one with just Windows on it. However, my understanding is that SBS 2008 does not allow for 2 NIC installation. Also I have always used ISA Server and would prefer to stay with this. However, I have been informed that this has been replaced with Forefront TMG. This cannot be installed on SBS 2008.

    My question is this. How would I configure my network using the SBS 2008 and 2nd Windows server. Could I put 2 NICs in the second windows server, install Forefront TMG on this machine and then connect this machine to my switch. The second server would then just sit on the network and act as my SQL machine and Exchange machine.

    Does this sound feasible, because it seems like a lot of things have changed since SBS 2003 and I want to keep it as simply as possible.
    Many thanks

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    Re: SBS 2008 Network Configuration

    You are correct that SBS2008 no longer supports 2 NICS. So, if you buy the premium version you get an extra copy of Windows Server (actually 2 copies - one 32-bit and one 64-bit, but you are only licensed for one). Therefore it is very feasible to use your copy of Windows Server on a computer with 2 NICS and load TMG or ISA2006 on it to place in front of your LAN. There is a white paper on using ISA 2006 in front of SBS 2008 written by MVP Eriq Neale, which lays everything out in simple terms.

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