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about self certificate on SBS 2003 and OWA

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  • about self certificate on SBS 2003 and OWA

    hello all

    i have a problem at my office. i have SBS2003 and i can get the OWA to work when i log on to : http://servername/exchange and http://serverip/exchange
    i know that the 443 port is open but i can't seem to log on when i try to log to:
    https://servername/exchange and https://serverip/exchange - even after i configured my IIS to work with SSL .
    my big problem is that i can't configure my Iphone to sync with my exchange
    so i'm thinking that my problem is the certificate, and i understand that i can make one from the server... will this be the solution to my problem ?

    will the certificate make any problems to other servers on my orgenization ? like FTP Server or Terminal servers ( i have 2 ) ...
    by the way my exchange works like this ... i have mail boxs at my ISP and i'm pushing mail to my exchange using POP3 conector. i just want to be able to sync my iphone ..

    I saw that i can buy a cretificate from Godady for about 30$ will this solve my problem? can i try first to make a self certificate from the certificate services in my SBS2003 , can i change my certificate at any time? and again can this hurm my other servers on the office ( other terminal users or FTP users? or something like that ?

    i hope you can help me out

    thanks alot
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