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SBS2008 Hangs

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  • SBS2008 Hangs

    Hi, first post here in desperation
    About every 2 weeks we get a call from customer saying they are not getting email(server only been in about 2 months)
    Server is still fins when accessing the shares
    Hangs on welcome screen via console or rdp

    only way we have been able to resolve is to pull the plug.
    I have found posts elswhere about this issues but no fix

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    Re: SBS2008 Hangs

    Found this post

    This is the issues we are having. The hotfix did not fix it


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      Re: SBS2008 Hangs


      Please install Update Rollup 9 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB970162) and see if the issue persists.

      Also, please try disabling Startup Items and Services. SafeMode > Start > Run > Services > Hide all MS services > Disable All > Startup > Disable All > Apply > OK > Reboot in Normal Mode. If it works that way, it would be one or more of the items we disable. We can then start enabling them one by one until we find out the offending one. This sounds simple but, believe it or not, it saves a lot of heartache.

      Replacing the NIC is also a golden idea if you are using Broadcom.

      All the best,