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Trouble with roaming profiles

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  • Trouble with roaming profiles

    SBS 2008 with mostly XP machines, an XP x64 machine and a Windows 7 Ultimate machine.

    \\SERVERNAME\PROFILES is set up with the following permissions:
    CREATOR OWNER (no permissions showing)
    SYSTEM (full control)
    DOMAIN ADMIN ACCOUNT (full control)
    ADMINISTRATORS GROUP (full control)

    Under there are the user names. I manually create the profile directory and give the user name full control. That is working great for the XP machines.

    The Windows 7 machine is giving me a fit. When the user logs on there is an error "User Profile Service There was a problem with your roaming profile. You have been logged on with your previously saved local profile. Please see the event log for details or contact your administrator." This user ONLY logs into the Windows 7 box, so no profile version issues. I check the event viewer and get an error "Access is denied" when trying to access the profile directory.


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    Re: Trouble with roaming profiles

    Why would you set up the profile directory manually? Let Windows create it when the user logs on.


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      Re: Trouble with roaming profiles

      Because the client likes to have me go through and see what people keep on their machines. Control freak...what can I say?


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        Re: Trouble with roaming profiles

        Why use roaming profiles in the first place? Use Folder Redirection policy for My Documents, Desktop and Favourites. These days I also generally exclude My Pictures, My Music and My Videos from the Documents redirection - usually saves uploading 2Gb of iTunes to the server ;>)

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