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DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

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  • DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

    We recently went through a DNS re-indexing. We launched a new website on a new web host.

    We took the steps to have the host update our A records and our MX records to reflect our FQDN and IP address we got from our ISP.

    Our exchange server worked fine before (on our last host) but now with the new host we don't receive inbound emails.

    At this point (72 hours later) DNS should have propagated for our A and MX records, but still no luck with email and our web host is suggesting that there is an issue with our exchange server or firewall not accepting emails from the new host's servers?

    I have seen a few other issues similar to this.. The catch is.. I'm not an IT guy (yet), im just the web designer.

    My knowledge of networking is limited, but I will take any information or ideas of what can be done.

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    Re: DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

    dns "should" have propagated.

    Back in April, I made a similar change at 8:00pm on a Friday night, and the host company told me it would update within an hour.

    8:00am Monday, still wasn't updated....

    What I'm saying is, double check that your mx record has indeed updated to the new host

    is your exchange server inside your network, or on the web host ?
    just double check that it's pointing to the right address..
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      Re: DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

      What version of SBS / Exchange do you have?
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        Re: DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

        Server 2003 Small Business Server, I assume the exchange is 2003 as well.

        At this point, I have re-checked many times to ensure MX points to our correct server name and that A record is pointing to the exact (static) IP address given by our ISP.

        An exchange is indeed hosted within our network server, since we can send emails internally.

        May be worth noting that we are able to send OUTBOUND email, but we cant get any inbound email.


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          Re: DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

          Hmmm... This sounds like a firewall issue to me. You got a new ip address(es) from the ISP, have you set up a NAT rule for the Exchange server for the new ip address(es)?


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            Re: DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

            I must have mis-spoken, the IP address never changed, I was just stating that I checked to make sure our IP was correct with our ISP


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              Re: DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

              Try connecting to port 25 externally via Telnet, that will at least let you see if the firewall is letting SMTP traffic in. If it isn't, there's your problem. If it is you've got an Exchange issue.

              Is this SBS Premium? If so, are you using ISA Server?
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                Re: DNS propagated, now no inbound emails

                Also if you are on a computer inside the LAN, run in a browser and check that the IP the ISP gave you matches up.

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