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Windows 7 Redirection/roaming profile

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  • Windows 7 Redirection/roaming profile

    I donít know if this goes here or in the windows 7 section, but I was trying to redirect the documents folder on a windows 7 on 2003 domain, I figured how to do it manually by going into the users folder and right clicking on the folder I wanted to redirect, but what if I wanted to do it thru the 2003 policy will it work since theres more folders an are structured diffrently? Will also roaming profiles work in 2003 with windows 7?

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    Re: Windows 7 Redirection/roaming profile

    There is a group policy for redirecting folders built in in SBS 2003 - it is turned on by a wizard in the Users section of Server Manager. I am pretty sure it will work for Win7 also.
    WRT roaming profiles - IMHO they have never "worked". Thsy have always slowed down a login and dramatically increased Network Traffic to the annoyance of the users. Much better to redirect Documents, Favourites and Desktop as per above GPO - as I say, IMHO!

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