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3gb free space not formatable not usable

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  • 3gb free space not formatable not usable

    SBS 2003 SP1 on a Dell poweredge 1800 server with RAID 5 total 73gb HD space.

    Primary partition C: 15gb
    Logical partition D: 15gb
    Logical Partition E: 25gb
    Logical Partition G: 14.5 gb


    The disk managment shows 3gb Free space in the Logical Extension.
    I tried to see if Acronis disk director Server will be able to find the 3gb free space but no success there.
    I tried to format 3gb space H: NTFS but keep getting error that it cannot be formated and format fails.

    Has anyone come cross a free space on server which they cannot utilize.
    Tomorrow I can provide exact sizes of Partition from Acronis software.
    If I am correct there are 3 hard drives and each of them is 73gb 10k rpm.

    The exchange is on D: I was hoping to increase D: from 15Gb to 18GB.
    I don't want to reinstall the OS to utilize the 3gb.

    I was able to test the Acronis software on Windows server 2003 successfully it let me create a partition and delete it on the Primary active Partition without catastrophic consequences.

    appreciate any assistance.

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    Re: 3gb free space not formatable not usable

    You would IMHO be better backing up everything EXCEPT C: and recreating everything else as one partition (D
    Restore Everything to the new D: and you won't have to mess about with Exchange.

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