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  • OWA not working on

    I have sbs2003. I have user account at thru which I get my updated ip address on which my adsl is connected to isp.

    I can access OWA if i use the syntax https://ipaddress/exchange where ipaddress is my updated office wan ip address.

    But I cannot get owa access if I use

    If did some trouble shooting and found out following. If I ping to , I get reply from my office wan ip address. But if I ping or even I get response fromsome other ip , may be of so I am unable access the OWA as I am not reaching my office wan ip.

    Pls help how can I get access of OWA from my office using syntax

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    Re: OWA not working on

    what error do you get if when you try and browse to the dyndns hostname ?

    I would suspect this is related to a host header - the way IIS is listening for the web url..

    for instance - iis is probably listening for on port 443
    what that means is that even if the same srver has another ip address of port 443, and you try and browse the site in that manner, it won't work, as it's only listening for
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      Re: OWA not working on

      did you install the Dyndns updater? If you did, both pings should reply with the same IP adress.

      Also, what error do you get when browsing to Your default website might be set up to only listen to requests for the IP adress, not for the domain name you added.


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        Re: OWA not working on

        Have you opened port 443 and forwarded it to your exchange server?