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SBS 2008 (Exchange 2007) forward unresolved emails

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  • SBS 2008 (Exchange 2007) forward unresolved emails

    Hi guys

    Okay heres the situation

    We have setup an sbs 2008 server for a client, with a local domain of contoso.local, and an email domain of, (added into accepted domains as authoritative)
    all emails are working and routing fine, except, there is a PC sitting somewhere in Africa with an email address on the same domain

    Problem is, when they send an email to that User (not on the domain, no exchange, straight pop from ISP.) it bounces, because it is trying to find the email address internally.

    Any solutions?

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    Re: SBS 2008 (Exchange 2007) forward unresolved emails

    How does your SBS/Exchange accept e-mails for that domain? Alternatively, how does the other user somewhere in Africa get mail for that domain to his ISP? After all only one domain can collect the e-mails and it is either yours or his.
    So it is not surprising that the server sees itself as responsible for distribution of e-mail cor
    You need to explain your setup better, if you want people to help you.

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