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Dns issues/delete zone ?

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  • Dns issues/delete zone ?

    We are having dns issues, which seem to related to an entry in our dns. For example, i cannot ping a domain that actually exists.

    Here's what we have in our forward lookup zone for server (servername)


    domain.local is where all our records are stored , pc names, ip's etc.
    our email domain is, however our entire internal network runs on domain.local with sbs 2003.

    I've had a tip to delete because that's whats causing issues with our dns.

    Is it safe to delete? I have exported it to a .csv file.

    Would appreciate any assistance.

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    Re: Dns issues/delete zone ?

    is your public dns domain name? if so, why do you have it set up internally? are there any records in that zone?


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      Re: Dns issues/delete zone ?

      Yes it's our public domain dns name.
      Not sure why it's setup internally, there are some records pointing to the internal ip of the domain controller which is the SBS server.

      Here are some records it contains.

      Type = Active Directory - Integrated Primary

      Name Type Data
      (same as parent folder) Start of Authority (SOA) [2], servername.domain.local., hostmaster.domain.local.

      (same as parent folder) Name Server (NS) servername.domain.local.

      mail Host (A) 192.168.x.x (server ip)


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        Re: Dns issues/delete zone ?

        By default, SBS does not create that entry for your external FQDN. It may however have been added manually, why I do not know since the SBS Wizards take care of all that during the setup.
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          Re: Dns issues/delete zone ?

          Delete, delete, delete.
          There is NO connection whatsoever between your internal AD domain and your external Internet domain.
          In fact I have taken to using company.local for the internal AD domain for any new startups so that it can stay that way if the organisation gets taken over or bought out - and no-one wants to be reminded of their former name when they use the IT system.

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