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SBS 2008 Email Setup

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  • SBS 2008 Email Setup

    I have 10 mailboxes that I need to setup on our SBS 2008 server and I would like some advice regarding the following:

    1. Can I setup Exchange 2007 to receive individual mailboxes and then deliver them to Outlook 2007 on the desktop?
    2. Do I need to setup a catchall mailbox and then let Exchange sort them out?
    3. Do I need to configure Smart Hosts to do this?

    All our emails are hosted with our ISP and our mail address is

    Individual users accounts are [email protected] etc.



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    Re: SBS 2008 Email Setup

    Do you want the e-mails to remain hosted by your ISP? Then you don't really need Exchange 2007.
    However, I suggest you start by using the POP3 connector to download your mail from your ISP one by one to each of your 10 mailboxes. You then look into getting a fixed IP address and asking your ISP to set you up an MX record in his DNS to deliver the mail direct to your Exchange server - which will distribute the mail itself to your mailboxes. You could also ask your ISP to remain as your secondary MX to hold your mail , in the vent that your server goes off-line, and to forward them to you when the server is back on-line again.
    Smarthost is a good idea for SENDING mail. Again ask your ISP if he is willing to act as your smarthost, as that way you forward all mails sent to himand he snds them out for you - and he is most likely to ensure he doesn't get blacklisted for spamming - something that is harder for you to do.

    Alternatively I can set you up with (commercial) who can both receive your mail and check for virii/spam and act as your smarthost.

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