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Restore sharepoint onto new server

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  • Restore sharepoint onto new server


    I had a SBS Companyweb sharepoint site. The server has crashed and I need to restore the companyweb site onto a Windows Server 2003 STD server which has a different server name.

    The only files I have are the SQL config and content databases. I assumed it would have been as simple as creating a new sharepoint site with the same content database name and then switching over the database files, but this is not the case. What should I do?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Restore sharepoint onto new server

    You search for the KB article which tells you how to do it. (I can assure you, there is one - at least)

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      Re: Restore sharepoint onto new server


      I had previously found several KB articles and other docs, such as these. The problem is, they all require the use of stsadm / smigrate, or require the SBS intranet component be installed. I can't do any of these because the original server is not recoverable, and the replacement server has a different name and does not run SBS.

      The only things I have are the content and config databases, so I need to rebuild sharepoint with those.