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Information store/mailbox reconnect problem

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  • Information store/mailbox reconnect problem

    I'm having an interesting issue. Our server crashed a while ago, and we managed to recover the previous information store.

    I have a 50gb information store, that i want to mount. I can successfully mount it, however when i try to reconnect a mailbox it doesn't pick up the user in active directory, or even any of the users. Rather it only picks up by the looks of it, local users on the server. It's as if the old information store does not detect the current active directory on the sbs 2003 server.

    How can i rectify this problem by reconnecting to the current active directory users, since users want access to their old mails.

    thanks for any assistance

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    Re: Information store/mailbox reconnect problem

    You run the Mailbox Cleanup Agent - you should then see a Red X on all the mailboxes. You can then reattach them to all the AD users that DON'T have a mailbox attached to them. (You may have to delete empty mailboxes attached to existing users then run the cleanup agent again)

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      Re: Information store/mailbox reconnect problem

      What ^he^ said. Nothing happens until you hit purge or wait long enough, default is 30 day or so..

      Good luck!
      Please give points where appropriate

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        Re: Information store/mailbox reconnect problem

        We came right by creating a new account and using exmerge to import the mail.