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Sbs 2008 raid

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  • Sbs 2008 raid

    Last week I created a RAID system and had SBS 2008 running, but discovered that the disks were only SCA2 and 36GB, so I decided to start again (bad mistake).

    This is what I currently have:

    Supermicro X7DB8-X (non SCSI model)
    3x Seagate 250GB Enterprise SATA disk drives
    Intel Quad Core 2GHz processor
    4GB memory

    I firstly configured using the Adaptec on-board BIOS and setup a RAID 1 with hot spare. Adaptec formatted and configured fine. I then started the SBS 2008 install and it could not locate the correct device drivers, apparently there are non available for this type of controller.

    I next started a RAID using the Intel on-board BIOS same thing no device drivers.

    If I run the SBS setup with no RAID the drives can be seen. Now herein lies the problem.

    I want to run a hardware RAID but could not find any hardware controllers that are supported by Windows Server 2008 x64 and have a PCI-X interface.

    Does anyone know how I can overcome these problems with MS 2008 supported drivers?

    I look forward to viewing the replies.



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    Re: Sbs 2008 raid

    Hi Ray,
    did you try here?
    rgrds Marco


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      Re: Sbs 2008 raid

      I tried both the Intel 64-bit and Adaptec 64-bit and they will not work with SBS 2008.


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        Re: Sbs 2008 raid

        Update, in the end I gave up with the built in RAID and configured the system as follows:

        Installed an LSI Dual Port PCI-X RAID controller
        4x Fujitsu Ultra 320 146GB 10k rpm disk drives

        This finally worked and I now have a running SBS server.




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          Re: Sbs 2008 raid

          Thanks for posting back with an update Ray. Glad you have it working and it is not ideal that you couldn't find drivers for the RAID Card. It's a bit annoying when you can't get the right drivers.
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            Re: Sbs 2008 raid

            I believe you did the right thing. I have heard horror stories of people who did find drivers for the on-board RAID - and then suffered terrible consequences because of bugs.
            Maybe that is why they are not available as they could have been withdrawn?

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