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  • sbs2000 updates

    does SBS2000 Supports updates ?

    im trying to update from the network and nothing happend ,

    in this microsoft arcticle :
    it says only server 2003 support updates

    how can i update my sbs ?!

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    Sbs2000 supports windows updates!!
    Does event viewer say something? any error on the web page?
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      SBS is really just A version of server 2003.

      Windows Updates should work as normal.


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        ok, thats what i figure out...

        lets say i have an sbs2000 thats get updated with no prob
        sbs2003 thats get update with no prob
        and an sbs2000 (again) that used to get updates but now i get to the
        choose Express or Custom screen, i press one not matter who, and it start thinking and looking for updates for 5 - 8 min and then show me an error screen that with warning :

        [Error number: 0x80072EFD]
        The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view.

        but its in the update window and site, not a blank page or somthing.

        checked with norton AV and a spywere util nothing found.
        the sbs2000 is genium and everything work fine till while ago.
        no change in the server been made lately.
        i think i have an exchange relay problem (spam) dont know if it connected.

        event viewer shows :
        system log : error - TermServDevices event 1100 (initalazion failed)
        application log : warning - MSExchangeTransport event 4001 says

        Message delivery to the remote domain '' failed. The error message is 'An SMTP protocol error occurred.
        '. The SMTP verb which caused the error is 'RCPT'. The response from the remote server is '550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

        if anyone have an ida ill be glad for some help


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          Try this.


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